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Criminal and DUI Defense Attorney For The Phoenix Metro Area

For your best chance of achieving a positive outcome in your criminal case, hire a professional, experienced attorney to fight for you.  Laura Killham is a well-respected attorney in the community and has the experience you need on your side. For last 13 years she practiced as a Prosecutor in the Phoenix area and has been envolved in the legal field for the past 23 years. She has the ability to “think outside the box” to anticipate the government’s strategy to defend your rights and freedom. She knows how they think. While many defense attorneys have prosecutorial experience, Laura’s in depth knowledge and experience allows her to obtain the best results possible.

Waiting to take action only makes the outcome worse. KILLHAM LAW OFFICE will guide you to the best possible solution. We know it is a very stressful time, but the longer you wait, the worse the situation can become. KILLHAM LAW OFFICE will put years of experience to work for you!

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you need expert representation from an attorney who knows the courts, judges and prosecutors that are against you. Whether your charge is a Felony or Misdemeanor, you need to be represented by an attorney who knows how the justice system works. Laura J. Killham’s extensive legal experience will allow her to obtain the best result for you. Killham Law’s experience in Criminal Law, DUI, or other legal matters is fundamental to your best possible outcome.

Client Testimonial

"I hired Laura Killham for my son's two back-to-back drunk driving cases. She did everything she could for the best outcome for him. She worked tirelessly..."

John E.

"Laura is an extremely thorough and competent professional who always had our son’s best interests in mind. We were always informed of every development..."

A DUI Client

"She was very responsible with prices on my case. Very quick to respond back to me. I highly recommend this Law Firm when you are in a sticky situation."

Stephanie C.
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