Clients Testimonials

Thanks Laura!

“She was amazing in her process to help me out, definitely came out with the best result possible, thanks Laura!”

Mike M.

Highly Recommended!

“It’s have been an emotional time since I’ve first had my DUI and after a few years, it was finally getting resolved. Laura Killham took care of everything. My court fees were waved, she assisted me with a great place to get an interlock system and minimal jail time with work release. She has been a saviour and I greatly appreciate every single thing she has done. I have definitely learned my lesson, and will always remember that without Laura Killham, I could not imagine the nightmare that could happen.”

L Xell S.

Good Lawyer

“Killham showed me what a good lawyer was all about I saw a lot of TV ones not impressed. She is the real deal and honest.”

Albert G.

Our Experience With Laura Was Stellar

“Laura handled our case with professionalism. Our experience with Laura was stellar. Her experience and compassion exceeded our expectations. We refer her to our family and friends when an attorney is required.”

Kim E.

A Fantastic Lawyer

“Laura is a fantastic Lawyer. I didn’t need to do anything, she handled it all for me. Going through a DUI is a difficult process but she made me feel at ease and took care of every detail for me. I highly recommend her for anyone who has been arrested for DUI.”

Brent H.

An Excellent And Professional Attorney!

“Laura helped my son with a matter. She is an excellent and professional attorney. Highly recommend her.”

Cindi M.

Great Experience With Her

“She is always amazing and personable. We recommend her to several people and I have always had a great experience with her. We will continue to use her. Laura is the best and we are team Killham!”

Kevin E.


“She made me feel completely comfortable and I was always informed over email or by phone and I am in a good place now all thanks to her help.”

Andrew E.

Prompt And Quick To Respond

“She is personable and extended herself to make sure that we could get the right resolution. She was prompt and quick to respond. We worked together well and it was a tough situation and she never screwed me over or pulled me around it was great and open. We even worked long distance and she was great.”

Mark M.

She Will Not Let You Down

“Laura was exactly what we needed at the time my son’s life was coming apart. His drug addiction was pulling him down the path of complete self-destruction. Laura saved him from a felony record. She was not only defending him in court of law, she was talking to him, mentoring him. He is doing great now thanks to Laura. If you need a lawyer, she will NOT let you down. She will work diligently for the best possible outcome for you.”

Tansel E.

I Was Very Pleased With Her Help

“I hired Ms. Killham to help me with a restraining order that was. Falsely put on me and. At the end of the day the order was dismissed. I was very pleased with her help.”

Shannon E.

Laura Did An Amazing Job!

“Laura did an amazing job handling my case. If you are looking for 5 star representation in your case, look no further, Killham Law office is your place.”

Fred B.

Laura Has Been Such A Wonderful Lawyer

“Laura has been such a wonderful lawyer. Since I am in another state, she has been acting on my behalf and letting me know every step that she has taken. It’s great that I can rely on her to work on my case, without me being there, knowing I can trust her to do what is best for me.”

Mary T.

Great Lawyer

“Great lawyer as stated above as good as it gets!”

Jack S.

Great Representation

“Ms. Killham represented my case and did a great job. I appreciated her prompt responses to questions and fully explaining my case. If you are looking for great representation call Killham law.”

Jack L.

Laura Is Extremely Dedicated To Her Work

“Laura is extremely dedicated to her work and she will spend countless hours not only reviewing your case but doing everything in her power to help you win your case. I have worked with Laura many times now and love her drive and dedication to her clients. She is someone I would want to fight for me in a court of law.”

Mario B.

Laura Is An Amazing Attorney

“Laura is an amazing attorney who will fight for you until its over. Her dedication to her job and to her clients is top notch. I could not have had a better lawyer on my side. I will absolutely refer her and use her services again in the future.”

Rico B.

Highly Recommended!

“I would refer to friend or family.”

Keno D.

I Definitely Had A Stellar Experience

“Laura was kind and compassionate throughout the duration of the case. My son was always treated with the utmost respect. Laura was prompt in providing up to date information regarding the case proceedings. I am more than comfortable with my decision to hire Laura to represent my son. I would recommend Laura to anyone needing the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. I definitely had a stellar experience.”

Felicia F.

Friendly And Very Quick To Respond!

“Friendly and very quick to respond! Great Laura resolved my case within one hearing got everything resolved and she even avoided all court fees. Seriously a miracle worker and feel grateful for the quick response and great results. Definitely would use their services again.”


I Feel 100% Satisfied With My Decision To Hire Laura

“Treated me very well and with respect. I feel 100% satisfied with my decision to hire Laura. I would refer anyone I know to Laura. She handled my case better than I had anticipated.”

Fred B.

I Feel Very Comfortable Referring Anyone To Her Firm

“Ms. Killham was very professional, kind and treated me with respect in every way. I feel very comfortable referring anyone to her firm. I would be happy to tell anyone that Ms. Killham is a professional with experience to do them good.”

David B.

Very Professional!

“Very professional and on point.”

Sara L.

Thank You Very Much For All You Did

“Thank you very much for all you did. I would definitely recommend yes I will.”


Great Attorney!

“Good, effective!”

Denis E.

She Has Done Excellent Job Thank You!

“She answered all my calls even when i was frantic shed calm me down she has done excellent job Thank You. She’s very dedicated lawyer and she’s good at answering or getting back to me.”

Rebecca P.

Happy With The Professional Quality Of Service

“We were kept up to date all aspects of the case. Very confident in the choice we made. We were very happy with the professional quality of service.”


She Is Great!

“She was great kept us informed about my daughter’s case and was very helpful. She’s great!”

Maria A.

Laura Was Great To Work With

“Laura was great to work with. She gave it to me straight and was always available by cell phone or email. Never once did she make me feel like a criminal and she fought hard for me to make sure that I had the best possible outcome for my case. She even went so far as to recognize a huge flaw in the handling of my case and get the State Attorney General involved. It worked and the head prosecutor in the area that I was charged with a crime had to make a trip with his tail between his legs down to the Phoenix area and negotiate a plea bargain which resulted in basically a slap on the wrist for me. Laura is not only a good attorney, but she is a good friend and advisor while you are going through stressful stuff. She recognizes that bad things can happen to good people and never forgets about the person on the other end of the situation. I would recommend her and I already have. Arizona is already a tough state to go to court in, so having someone like Laura (who is tough but fair) is the key to the best possible outcome.”

Brian B.

Laura Was Great To Us

“Laura was great to us. Always available by phone, text or e-mail. She kept us apprised of all the actions we needed to take and all the actions she was taking. We made the best decision possible with Laura Killham!!! I would highly recommend Laura Killham to anyone!!!”

Linda W.

Great Experience

“Laura Killham was very pleasant, educated and extremely helpful thru my crisis. We feel blessed to find someone professional and experienced as Laura.”


Goal-oriented Professional

“Laura’s reliability and persistency with the justice system lead me to recommend her to all my colleagues in my personal circle. I was beyond satisfied with the results and she allowed me to overcome my DUI in a positive manner. I can confidently say that if I hadn’t hired Laura Killham as my lawyer I wouldn’t have received such a favorable overcome. I know I can rely on her if I ever find myself needing legal assistance again.”


The best outcome lawyer

“I hired Laura Killham for my son’s two back-to-back drunk driving cases. She did everything she could for the best outcome for him. She worked tirelessly, saved my son’s future and my son did not spend a day in jail. Not only that, she became a life-couch and a mentor to him. She pushed hard for a good outcome for my son. She returned our calls immediately. She explained the law in layman’s terms. I would never hire anyone else if I ever needed a lawyer. I highly recommend her.”

John E.

You Are The Best!

“Laura is an extremely thorough and competent professional who always had our son’s best interests in mind. We were always informed of every development immediately and always knew our son was in very good hands. She never missed a scheduled meeting and she always took our calls. What I especially liked about Laura was her ability to remain calm in crisis situations and keep us calmed as well. We feel fortunate that she is the one who represented our son and we will never go with another attorney for any and all of our legal concerns. Thank you for all you did for our son, Laura. You are the best!”

A DUI Client

I Highly Recommend This Law Firm

“She was very responsible with prices on my case. Very quick to respond back to me. I highly recommend this Law Firm when you are in a sticky situation.”

Stephanie C.